One does not simply write about memes



In recent years the internet has become addicted to random images with a comment written in bold white letters over the image. Sounds kind of lame when you put it like that but memes are definitely a whole lot more impactful then some average image. If a picture is worth a thousand words…. a meme is worth a thousand plus the 5 or so bold words on top of the image. Continue reading “One does not simply write about memes”


Wut is the languag3 of the int3rn3t?



The internet is massive, and in the last few decades has evolved into a place were millions if not billions of people spend a majority of their time. Certain individuals engage the internet through different mediums such as blogs, 4Chan, reddit, and much more. Just like in the real world, these groups create a community, a dialect, and sometimes even as much as a culture. However in this Blog post I will primarily be concerning myself with the different dialects of the internet.

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