Wut is the languag3 of the int3rn3t?



The internet is massive, and in the last few decades has evolved into a place were millions if not billions of people spend a majority of their time. Certain individuals engage the internet through different mediums such as blogs, 4Chan, reddit, and much more. Just like in the real world, these groups create a community, a dialect, and sometimes even as much as a culture. However in this Blog post I will primarily be concerning myself with the different dialects of the internet.

PBS idea channel provides an explanation as to what exactly an internet dialect is and the video brings up the question, do you think internet dialects exist? For me the answer is a clear yes.

As an avid user of reddit I can confirm that internet dialects exist. Reddit is a community that is similar to a blog combined with a news site. Through reddit you can find people who are rich and famous doing AMA’s (ask me anything), you can also find the latest news, scary stories, gifs, pictures, memes, advice, and almost anything you can think of.  There are a few phrases that clearly label an individual as a redditor. A few examples could be TIL (Today I Learned), ELI5 (Explain like I’m 5), or even the difference between a grilled cheese and a melt as well as a plethora of other acronyms and groupings. Reddit is often a very supportive and helpful community (although it is the internet so people are bound to get angry and insult others). I choose to frequent reddit for its constantly changing and intriguing posts, nothing is ever the same and it allows you to learn new things and experience the stories of other people.

Another internet community I frequent is the gaming community. Through YouTube or twitch, I spend a lot of time just watching other people play video games. I also play games but much of the video game community resides in actual  chats and comment sections. the video game communities have their own dialects as well, though mostly through memes created by the popular streamers. For example feelsbadman, cy@, and boosted are all examples of video game dialect. This community is also quick to judge. Even streamers and pro gamers are insulted for making bad plays, this is a community that will often insult anyone for almost nothing. I choose to be apart of the video game community for my love (addiction?) to the world of games.

My final source of internet consumption comes in the form of YouTube. The YouTube comment sections are something I read a lot of, however it is not an internet community I am proud to be a part of. YouTube comment sections are notorious among almost every internet community for trolls( people who insist upon verbally abusing and hurting people) and other wise offensive material. Does the video so much as mention religion? get ready for an all out war in the comments. Do you feel strongly about something? the comments will make sure you are discouraged and offended in a matter of no time! so you are probably wondering why anyone would ever frequent such a toxic environment. It can be very bad at times but occasionally you can find a diamond in the rough who teaches you something or brightens your day. I also feel that several people frequent the comments section of YouTube simply because an ad is playing or there is some sort of intermission within the video that doesn’t require the viewer to actual view anything ( and we do love a bit of drama).

The internet is a large cesspool of different individuals with different views. Some people want to learn new things, some want help with problems, and some enjoy getting a rise out of people. Whatever you are here for the internet can be a great place that allows us to create new cultures and communities from the comfort of out own homes.


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