digital stories

That one time I went to the Taj Mahaal


Over the summer I went to several historic locations throughout India, I have some great pictures of this trip. This is a story worth sharing because it shows the interpretation of these amazing architectural feats and marvels of India from the point of view of me, an american-born India. I used to hate India for it’s bugs and heat and the uncomfortable state of being that occurs as soon as you step onto Indian soil; however my opinion of the country completely changed after this trip.

The modern day church


For this story I would refer to the modern day church. In todays society church’s have come to look like the above image, in which the service is more of a concert then a worship session. I enjoy these concerts and sermons, however are they the ideal format for a church  service? Should a church service be more sacred and holy? This story could either lead to a critique or a supportive article about how the modern day church functions.

The mall trip


Over the weekend I went to the mall of Georgia, while there I experienced the wonderful bliss that comes from gelato. I also got to spend time with family. While this post may not drag a reader in due to its mundane and simple plot, one idea would be to go into the hole in the wall gelato store and describe the amazing experiencing there and spin the story to make the reader appreciate the small things, and to try new things.

Shed construction


Over the weekend I assisted my dad in building a platform for the shed in our backyard. The story would be simple and mainly describe the grueling effort it took to make this. This could also be a story showing how close me and my dad are, maybe to describe our relationship and how college has affected our lives.


This picture is here in order to represent my dreams. The story here would be of my childhood and how i got to where I am now. through this i would explain why i choose to be an engineer and how my life has changed since the. This is a picture I found on reddit from the hubble telescope over the weekend


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