A world of 6 seconds or less


With the introduction of the digital world(internet) the methods of communication used throughout the world have changed drastically. No longer can you expect to reach an audience through walls of text on a page. In the busy world of today you must keep the readers entertained and intrigued. This has led the world to switch from the old ways of writing essays and letter to a world of blog posts and short videos. Over the past few weeks I have delved into the different mediums of communication provided by the digital world and this is what i have learned.

The internet is bigger than anyone could ever imagine. As a digital native who was born into the world of computers and smart phones, even I am astounded by how much I don’t know about the internet. Through the blog posts and learning about the multimodal internet world, I have discovered things like 4-chan, how-cast, and even the world of creating my own additions to this vast plane of digital knowledge. I continue to be astounded by just what the digital world can provide us and by how much more effective these new methods of storytelling are.  From the time spent on the blog I can pinpoint a few key features of the digital media.


People don’t have the attention span nor the time for a long boring video. This is where digital media comes in handy. It is now essential to entertain the the consumer or to have the video short enough to not lose the consumers attention. I demonstrate this through the use of my Digital story and DIY video. The world is now enthralled in the 6 second vines and short howcast videos, things that keep them entertained for short lengths of time. This changes how authors must treat their audience. In order for your voice to get across to the consumer, you must follow the guidelines of short and entertaining. In a world filled with so many options you must give the user a reason to stay on your material instead of moving on the next cool looking thumbnail


In a world where pictures with words create more emotion then 100 word essays, and 6 second videos leave people on the floor crying in laughter how does an author keep up?Even though this new world of the internet sounds cumbersome to the authors of important material that may not be the shortest or most interesting, the internet actually benefits these authors more then you would expect. The videos and pictures that the author can easily add to their works allow them to create emotions and stories without actually having to write it out, they can show the reader. This is demonstrated in the world of memes. The memes seen today are able to create feelings and emotions better then any set of words could possibly explain. Not only this, but the world of the internet opens the authors material up to the entire world, anyone anywhere can open up this blog post using that pocket computer they carry around. I can tell a story of That one time I went to India, but i can do so without having to write an essay. I can include emotional pictures and a voice to create a better sense of tone. I can add music to my story to further flesh out my intended tone and ideas. This allowed me to create a project that doesn’t simply tell the consumer how to feel, but forces them to feel what i want them to feel. In 6 minutes I can take you though my month in India with all the emotions and expectations that i experienced.


As an author on the internet i am also capable to teaching people amazing things in a simple and easy to understand videos. You can tell someone to do something, but there is nothing quite like showing them how to do it. DIY videos allow people to do things without having to get a teacher or have someone show them in real life. I can learn how to build a computer, create a simple java program, or even how to preform one rep of proper bench press. This method of learning is much better then simply having to read up and attempt on your own without images.

While several people critique this new generation of millennial and their lack of attention or how they are always on their phones, communications and ideas are now spread faster then ever before. I can now learn more in a day with internet then I could int a month without internet. Although millennials may seem to be robots, they are taking in massive amounts of information in short periods of time.The world of communication has changed, and the memes, videos, and day-to-day life of before has followed suit and adapted to these new ways to speak to readers.



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