5 possible hueristic ideas

What is an android?


Android is a misunderstood beast. When people now-a-days think of android they think it is a cheaper less apple-wannabe, but they have no idea what android can actually do. While it is the most popular phone OS in the world, several people fail to understand exactly what android can do for you.

There have been 8 iterations of the android operating system, all of which are named after your favorite deserts. for example android is currently on version 6.0 marshmallow. there are 1.4 billion android users today, and with 4,000+ devices the options are seemingly endless

A big reason android is able to keep up in today’s market is the fact that android is open source. This means content creators have the ability to create everything on your phone from apps to frameworks and kernels. This is an amazing feature that allows android users access to a variety of different options.



What makes a good Football team?


American football is arguably the most popular american sport of today. What makes this multi billion dollar industry so successful? While some teams seem to be better then others no one has consistently been able to assert themselves as Superbowl champions every year. Why is that?


Why do people buy things?


People are strange. We can go out and buy a $100 dollar shirt that happens to have a horse on the pocket without batting an eye. In the current era people buy far more then what they need ; so what makes them buy these things?

Enjoyment is a primary candidate. When buying things like food we often divulge into a few treats. We also enjoy new tv’s and phones. We buy things because we want attention and instant gratification.

How does the internet affect today’s children?


Now that the internet has  taken the world by storm, one blaring question has arisen in the world; what is going to happen with these kids? Kids are now sitting on phones and in front of screens throughout entire days. My generation came up in a digital world but nothing quite like this.

Shorter attention spans, and an increase in ear/ eye treatment. the constant use of headphones and screens will result in a lot of happy optometrists and audiologists.

What is a Mechanical Engineer?


People are often told a mechanical engineer is a jack of all trades in the engineering field. While this sounds all well and good what really makes up a mechanical engineer and his/ her day to day life.


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