Proposal for research paper

Why did I choose to study apple from an andriod  pov?

Throughout my life I have always been an avid android fan, swearing off iphones and anything apple makes for that matter. My family however insists upon jumping on the bandwagon of apple, we have argued the points of each OS extensively. I have decided to open myself to really try to understand what apple has done, what apple has to offer, and what makes apple better the apple. By understanding apple better I might finally be able to end the arguments and really understand who has the best operating system. Cuurently I understand that apple wins in terms of reliability and security, but through some research i may be able to find out why apple is considered such a powerhouse in technology. My research paper is the world of apple and iphone vs my andriod-loving background.

Current questions I have.

  1. What makes apple so popular?
    1. Bandwagon?
    2. consistency/lack of major changes/know what you are getting
    3. lack of knowledge of competitors?
  2. Why do people choose to use apple product?
    1. Better OS? how so? what does their OS have over the other guys?
  3. What are apples best features?
  4. Why does apple keep doing the same things?
  5. How apple could improve(interview question?)?

I want to find what makes apple so widely popular. Not simply better features, but why do people choose it over other things without even considering alternatives? There could be a lot of things to learn, I intend to interview a few avid apple fans and try to figure out this OS, as well as studying online sources and statics to shine a light on what exactly keeps people coming. From my current POV it seems like people just like the consistency and don’t like changing what they already have.

My research paper will hopefully be able to uncover what makes apple work in today’s society, and what makes this company so widely loved.


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