Research Interview

For my interview I wanted to interview an actualconsumer of Apple products. This way I would be able to find opinions and beliefs on how real people view Apple and the Iphone. In the end I decided to interview Carson Vaughan, a fellow student at Kennesaw and a long time Iphone user. In fact Carson has never owned anything other then an Iphone. So Carson would be able to shed some light on the world of Iphones and just why he chose to commit the last few years of his life to team Iphone.


Through my interview Carson emphasized a major key to the Iphone’s appeal is that the Iphone is simple and easy to use unlike the competitors. The Iphone does exactly what it needs to and it does it well. Even if the competition has things like VR headsets and wireless charging Carson insists that Apple has a winning formula and those few things that the competitors have may be nice but the Iphone does the job of being a phone the best out of any competitor. Iphone focuses on what people need without the need for a cool factor such as VR. “Apple’s atmosphere is sleek modern and clean….it gives people confidence to to trust them and keep coming back”. According to Carson a lot of people, especially of an older generation, often bandwagon and simply trust Apple to be the best because everyone they see already has one. Carson said that he was used to the Iphone and does not see himself ever changing from Iphone for the rest of his life.

Carson also did not approve of Iphones decision to remove the headphone jack. His reasoning being sound quality, battery life, and the inconvenience of not being able to charge his phone and listen to music without Bluetooth. Carson also dislikes the Battery life on the actual Iphone, Carson also likes the ability of other phones to be much more open. According to Carson the Iphone is still overpriced, his favorite part about the competitors of the Iphone is the pricce range being so much lower. ” A lot of Apple’s pull is the little logo on the back”.

My interview with Carson helped solidify several facts that I already suspected about Iphone users. Iphone users enjoy the simplicity( Do not like the complicated nature of android), the reliability and confidence, and a general opinion that Iphone is just plain better. I expected all of these things to be present in the interview. With this interview I now have proof of several hypothesis I believed might be true about the world of Iphone.


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