6 lenses (Iphone)

People: I want to see what people think so people are quite important to my topic. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are currently the only two people I have in mind specifically. I also plan on interviewing an Iphone user and seeing how the average user of Iphone thinks.

Trends: Iphone recently removed the headphone jack. Iphone also seems to be in the news daily for something. Another possible trend would have to do with exploding samsung devices(Apples biggest competitor.

controversies: The removal of the headphone jack has created very large arguments and heat for apple. People want a headphone jack and don’t see the need to remove it. Should be interesting to see die-hard apple fans opinion on this matter.

Places: The entire world is affected by the phone industry now that everyone seems to own one. Specific locations could be silicon valley and China and other areas were iphone is made or run.

Impact: Iphone itself is a powerhouse of the tech world. Everyone seems to have one and anything apple does is immediately criticized or loved, its all over the news. Apple may even get more publicity then most movie stars and politicians.

Relationship: Iphone vs. andriod. An age old battle between the two beasts of the cell phone world. Who will win? The comparison of the two operating systems should be a good point to make in my research paper.




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