My growth as a blogger

Written at the end of first semester freshman year.

Over the course of the last semester (my first semester at Kennesaw state university) my blog has grown a lot. Not just in posts but in usability, appearance and content. From DIY videos to analyzing memes we have come a long way in a few months.

I kept the original theme that I chose on day 1 of class. It is simple and not to complicated. I have added read more buttons, changed the name (from English 1102 to the greatest blog of all time) and I added the alternating picture on the home page. I thought about adding a separate menu/tab for all my blog posts, but I decided to keep all my posts on the front/home page.

At the beginning of the semester when I heard that we were doing blog posts i let out one big sigh. Blogging at the time, although I admit I didn’t really know what blogging was, seemed like it would be boring and lame. Now that I have been doing it a semester I honestly think this has been one of the best English classes i have ever taken. Instead of a teacher telling you what to write and how to write Mrs.Haimes-Korn allowed us to create things that we wanted to with our own creativity and voice. I almost forgot what it was like to write for pleasure after the endless barrage of high school essays.


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