Why would someone buy an Iphone?



Since I got my first phone I have always wondered what the best phone really was. Over the course of my last 5 years with a phone I have been in countless debates about which is better, Android or Iphone? After many heated discussions and an opportunity presented by my English 1102 teacher, I’ve decided to come to my own conclusion on this discussion. While some might not agree with what i have to say in the following document, this was definitely eye opening for me.




6 lenses (Iphone)

People: I want to see what people think so people are quite important to my topic. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are currently the only two people I have in mind specifically. I also plan on interviewing an Iphone user and seeing how the average user of Iphone thinks.

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Research Interview

For my interview I wanted to interview an actualconsumer of Apple products. This way I would be able to find opinions and beliefs on how real people view Apple and the Iphone. In the end I decided to interview Carson Vaughan, a fellow student at Kennesaw and a long time Iphone user. In fact Carson has never owned anything other then an Iphone. So Carson would be able to shed some light on the world of Iphones and just why he chose to commit the last few years of his life to team Iphone.

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Proposal for research paper

Why did I choose to study apple from an andriod  pov?

Throughout my life I have always been an avid android fan, swearing off iphones and anything apple makes for that matter. My family however insists upon jumping on the bandwagon of apple, we have argued the points of each OS extensively. I have decided to open myself to really try to understand what apple has done, what apple has to offer, and what makes apple better the apple. By understanding apple better I might finally be able to end the arguments and really understand who has the best operating system. Cuurently I understand that apple wins in terms of reliability and security, but through some research i may be able to find out why apple is considered such a powerhouse in technology. My research paper is the world of apple and iphone vs my andriod-loving background.

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